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Dirty Asshole -- Dan Wieden Co-founder of Wieden and Kennedy who was in the Communist party when he met Phil Knight. The creation of the Nike logo is a sickle. Then as an asshole you create the position COO and hire David Luhr, in which a lure is something used for fishing. Then you up the anti and create PICA, (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art) and house it inside the Agency.

Once you get caught you take a big bribe of Starbucks, Coke, Google (Stocks), and Electronic arts. Then you watch the FSB agents come over to the country because of a back stab in a hierarchy because communism is actually a theocracy why religion is included in the Russian (Soviet Union) when Dan Wieden rose to wealth.
Dirty Asshole -- See Dan Wieden his picture could be used in the definition himself becaue of the numerous people involved and how lives are affected.

Just Do It, becoming a major multi millionaire by three words.

What does it mean to Just Do It. It is an object with refence to the mind.
by RustlerHustler December 06, 2011
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