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You get drunk in one night, you join e-harmony.com, loverplanet.com (complete Russian) then you sign up for a year subscription of live sex sex web cams.

You wake the next morning your credit is out. Oh shit. Do you want to throw 3 dollars.
E-Dumb Its true I was drunk, didn't get to pick up anything from the Bar did not want to go to bed. Some live cyber sex web cams, then e-eharmony, then loversplanet.com. Do you know how many Russian women contact me because if they get married it is free citizenship and no work visa.

The thing is I don't really want to throw it away because it cost me around $300.00 at the same it is an activity that takes time out of my life everyday.
by RustlerHustler November 26, 2011
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Flute -- While men pee you can play a song based on the pee hitting the water. Stop and go and create a rhythm. Once you get really good you play in public. Playing is in public is when you choose a stall rather than a urinal then while you in the stall you wait for other to come in. Then you play your flute as your pee hits the water and you choose your song.
Flute -- Airports are a very nice venue because the bathrooms are always crowd to show off the muscial abilities of the flute penis. After you play your song with the power flush of the airport toilettes is like an audience clapping.
by RustlerHustler December 6, 2011
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Balls -- When you are 18 you attend college out of state and you meet some kids from Chicago you tell you about a trick. The trick is you claim you lost your Drivers License and your home state will send you an official document with a state water seal and the state you are in along with your student body card will issue you another idea.

If the birth date changes on the form with a state seal the issuing state of state of new ID license will give you one with what ever the birth date is on the state seal. So with the magic of hair spray and a cue tip and purchasing an old type writer you become 21 from 18 by taking thenew improved document to the DMV
Balls -- Balls part comes in when you have a Fake ID and you are 19 but the ID is attached to your real social security number you get a job tending bar. W-2's and W-9's so you tend bar and you ask men for their ID you reject some of them because they can produce any back up and you are the responsible Bartender. Then teh women come in and no questions asked. If the men I reject only knew I was 19.
by RustlerHustler December 6, 2011
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Fookers -- After all they say in a certain line of work a honeytrap is a right of passage. What better name for Asian prostitutes than Yin Li and KiKi. After after studying the Tao you win with the Yin the Female force and Li is Confucius for social institution. Ki or Qi is an essential element for Nei Jing, QiGong, Feng Shui and Reiki. Once you take the Fooker home because you are so smart and refused to work for an agency the Fooker will suggest the Chinese Basket. After all the Chinese Basket is a sexual harness in which you get to have sex with a women while she is suspended in air.

Air is one of the five primal elements associated with intelligence.

Cross is spelt C R OSS, or See Our OSS and the OSS created the CIA, the CIA is a conundrum is it Central Intelligence Agency or is it Counter Intelligence Agency. The Air Force is a completely independent Agency and does not have to report to the others.

Fookers are closely associated with the honeytrap, and honeytraps are very closely associated to the badger game.
Fookers -- You go to bar and meet Yin Li and Kiki two hot Asian women and being a man like Eddie Murphy says all men are pigs they are low by nature you take them home. Just like Austin Powers when he me Fukmi and Fuku.

Strawberry Daifuku is a really Japanese dish. Fookers Yin Li and Kiki are actually very well educated Yin has spiritual connotations as does Li, and as does Qi or Ki. There are ways to make people learn something they do not want to learn.
by RustlerHustler December 6, 2011
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MILKING THE COW -- The cash cow is a popular business term. The 70's was an interesting time especially in the Pacific Northwest and Dan Wieden and the Communist party and the Nike Logo is a Sickle.

The biggest pay off in the world, and name change and plus sign and cross. A man who became rich for essentially espionage. Milk the cow means a nice financial contribution to support the arts. Urban Dictionary is an art.
MILKING THE COW --- Because of Dan Wieden I have had the pleasure of meeting Tatyana, Olg, Mya, Stanislav, Kacha, and Roman. All move here from Russia and have an interesting story to tell me. Then Fookers at a bar and wild sex and pictures.

MILKING THE COW --- I think somebody needs to use urbandictionary in their advertising campaigns. Get the point.
by RustlerHustler December 7, 2011
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Dirty Asshole -- Dan Wieden Co-founder of Wieden and Kennedy who was in the Communist party when he met Phil Knight. The creation of the Nike logo is a sickle. Then as an asshole you create the position COO and hire David Luhr, in which a lure is something used for fishing. Then you up the anti and create PICA, (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art) and house it inside the Agency.

Once you get caught you take a big bribe of Starbucks, Coke, Google (Stocks), and Electronic arts. Then you watch the FSB agents come over to the country because of a back stab in a hierarchy because communism is actually a theocracy why religion is included in the Russian (Soviet Union) when Dan Wieden rose to wealth.
Dirty Asshole -- See Dan Wieden his picture could be used in the definition himself becaue of the numerous people involved and how lives are affected.

Just Do It, becoming a major multi millionaire by three words.

What does it mean to Just Do It. It is an object with refence to the mind.
by RustlerHustler December 6, 2011
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As a man I got invited to a private party and as I entered the ratio of pusinky was obviously in my favor.
by RustlerHustler March 4, 2015
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