Another word for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) commonly used in Australia.
“I’m gonna grab some fries from Dirty Bird!”
by Lucifer is my bitch October 13, 2021
A sexual act between three men and one woman. the woman is giving a blow job and two hand jobs at the same time, thus having the appearance of a bird, a very dirty bird.
John: Man! wanda totally gave me, bryn and matt a dirty bird last night

sam: thats sweet!
by Jonny cakez March 26, 2011
"They got the dirty birds out, I wonder who got shot."
by 414Best April 26, 2016
The dirty bird sounded like a good idea at the time, but after eating there I feel ashamed.
by Jmae September 15, 2008
"I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the fifty yard line
while the dirty birds kick for t'ree"
Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy
by malcontex August 21, 2008
n. A particularly promiscuous woman. Dirty birds act
in complete disregard for the consequences, hence
their unclean nature. See raggedy bitch.
Example 1

Calvin (singing): Got them dirty birrrrrds, got them
dirty birrrrrds...

Monica: What are you babbling about?

Calvin: Them dirty birds, they be giving you diseases
and shit.

Monica: Eloquently stated.

Example 2

David: I hear that Allison has become something of
a dirty bird ever since prom night.

Alejandra: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!
by CM187 May 20, 2010