A peanut butter fold (a piece of bread smeared with peanut butter and then folded in half and then eaten). Named so because it somewhat resembles a dirty diaper.
I yelled at ma to make me a couple of dirty diapers for lunch.
by McCock, the Crime Dick May 13, 2008
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At Taco Bell, a dirty diaper consists of a sloppy, poop-like scoop of refried beans on top of a 6.5-inch flour tortilla. It is wrapped around a crunchy taco, thus completing the disgusting-looking (but surprisingly popular) item known as the "Double Decker."
"Why'd you wrap that taco? It was supposed to go in this dirty diaper!" *speaker points to a lonely bean-laden tortilla*
by Taco Bell Food Champion June 22, 2011
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Something to say to a person on the phone who is not only rude, but refuses to help in any way. Usually said at the end of the conversation to convey a sense of taking power of the call back.
caller, "Hi, is Angie there?"

asshole, "No....."

caller, "Do you know when she may be available?"

asshole, "No....."

caller, "Alright, dirty diapers!"
by Ryan Fossum August 28, 2006
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the act of starting off by giving the girl the wheelbarrel then having her wrap up between your legs then to start eating you asshole thus resulting in a diaper looking manuever.
ima baby and i have a dirty diaper.
by shark bait ho haha February 22, 2010
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Dirty diaper coke is cocaine that has been adulterated or contaminated with the dirty diapers of cartel members.

It is rumored that during the trafficking process, cocaine that is broken down to be cut and rebricked is often tampered with by cartel members for various reasons. In 2019 videos surfaced on social media of cartel members mixing bricks of cocaine into a vat containing acetone before adding unnamed powdered adulterants. At one point one of the cartel members also appears to add a dirty diaper, plastic silverware, and an unknown liquid into the container as him and the camera man laugh and watch the objects melt into the sludge of boiling acetone and cocaine. The video then cuts to the men drying the remaining acetone and pressing the cut cocaine into bricks for redistribution.
Tate: I just got a bag

manny: did you see that video on twitter? the cartel is making dirty diaper coke
by peanut coke plug October 31, 2022
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The perpetual look of disgust that sets into a teenager's face
Molly walked into class with her usual dirty diaper face. I love my job.
by Stella Lafayette December 3, 2004
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When you are fucking a girl so hard that she shits herself.
Diego was fucking Dora so hard that Dora shits herself which created a Dirty Diaper (DD).
by KJ productions January 29, 2011
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