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The use of excessive British slang and phrases when using English. The entire statement often being in slang. This can also be accompanied by nudging, body language, coughing and a grungy voice. This is often used among the lower to middle class and in urban areas. When spoke to those who do not speak it, such as Americans, it is often misunderstood as gibberish and coughing.

-I'll give you a fourpenny one, eh?
-Its not cabbages on Thursdays if its raining today.
-Give you a little hows your father for ya to poke, eh?
-No more meat than potatoes for 10 quid, right?
Note: Another example of Dirty British would be in "Austin Powers in Goldmember", when
Austin converses with his father in said dialect.
by Barstow March 16, 2009
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