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One that is considered to be of the lowest standards when compared to the bottom 1% of the U.S. This may include overwhelming body odor, underwhelming vocabulary, and terrifying looks/styles.
For example: Dirtleg - trailer trash and the 'people of Wal-Mart' have nothing on these individuals.
by BigGayAl19 August 02, 2012
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A term describing a non-discerning , sexually promiscuous woman who enjoys having copious sex with numerous different partners of the opposite sex. It is suspected that these women are afflicted with or possibly afflicted with various "dirty" venereal diseases that affect the lower pelvic region and the legs.
Dirt leg is often synonymous with slut or whore; however, dirt leg is much classier than saying either of these terms and can be used in somewhat mixed company.
Wow, that babe hooked up with two different guys last night! What a dirt leg!

She loves hooking up with random guys. I don't know if she actually has sex with them, but she certainly has dirt leg tendencies.
by Devin Watson May 30, 2005
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1. commonly used around the south a term for a slut,whore,free fuck. 2. One who gives it up at anytime for anyone.3 A bootycall
Jon said lets call up a dirtlegg and hit it.
by Shea April 25, 2005
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Mid-western term for a woman that is
even worse than/less desirable than a
skank. Usually over-weight, but not
neccesarily, and must be kind of slutty
with the required ankle tatoo. Also
denotes a lack of intelligence and is
an easy sexual mark, i.e. an easy lay.
Look at that one, she is a major dirt leg.
by Freddy February 02, 2004
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A female who is trashy or has has a plethora of sexual partners.

Ex: Whore,Skank,Skeezer,Slut
You're sister is a dirtleg.
by Lp Jones January 07, 2005
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This word is simmilar to the word redneck in many ways, but usually the person is not from the south, nor do they carry all the redneck qualities. Dirt leg is a more midwestern or eastern term replacing red neck. They may or may not have farmer's tans.

A dirt leg is a person who has some of the following qualities(not all are nessesary): does not take care to properly maintain personal hygine, has a low IQ, has a likelyness to impregnate or be impregnated by the age of 16, thinks of Axl Rose(or any other aging, abusive rocker) as a fitting role model, etc. They usually know they are smell or dim witted and do not care.
That guy who lives out in that trailer with his sister and thier two kids, is always kicking their dog. I wish he'd stop playing Guns and Roses so loud and take a shower.
by eleni January 05, 2004
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A woman who does not respect herself enough to go home and shower, and cling to any baller until being left either at in-laws or motel room.
by Hubcity turtle August 31, 2016
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