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A religion that is a revival of the worship of the Greek god Dionysus of Thebes. His worship is also called the Dionysian mysteries.

He was a son of zeus and Semele the virgin daughter of kind Cadmus of Thebes. He is called the twice born because Hera the wife of Zeus tried to kill him before he was born by getting Semele to persuade Zeus to reveal this true self to her. And when he did it caused a flash of lightning the incinerated her and Zeus quickly snatched Dionysus from her womb and placed him in his own body from which Dionysis was born.
He invented wine and is known as a god of revilry.

He performed miracles to show he was divine. When he returned to his birthplace he was denied and rejected.
He fought the titan giants and was wounded and killed by them. And went into the underworld and rose to heaven into divine immortality to be with Zeus his father.
He also Evangelized the world to establish his worship and punished opponents who denied his divinity.
Because he is the god of wine and revilry his worshipers often have drinking parties and orgies. At them wine is the drug most often used, but in modern Dionysus worship other drugs are sometimes used such as ecstasy,marijuana and salvia ect. It is considered as part of his worship.
He's into Dionysus worship.
by Judge dredd7 August 07, 2011
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