It means Do It On Lan. It's for people in Counter-Strike that dont cheat.
Cheater headshot Legit Guy
Cheater headshot Legit Guy
-new round-
Legit Guy: Yeah, you can't DioL.
Cheater: Nope.
by XectriK April 2, 2005
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Extremely long or short, or behavior that is not appropriate for the situation
Wearing white to a wedding is really diole of you.
by HappyChicken82 July 8, 2023
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means Do It On Lan
usually used by the players who can lan and cant stand getting owned online because their just too 'good' on lan.
*** h4x0r kill jembah with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill KooLkiD with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill HeAtOn661 with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill r33tn00b with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill fagdick with a headshot from AK47 ***
Terrorists Win
---New Round---
h4x0r: ^^
by heaton February 16, 2004
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"Do It On Lan" A term used by whinging cs players who think they're good just cause they can beat the newbies wagging school at their local lan.

They play online and ask people miles away to come over here and get owned. Something they could never get to happen .. Well, at least it makes them feel better eh?

Fair enuff, there's less terpers at lan. but with locked terp on a proper war server, your just a lil' whinging beesh aren't yeh! :D
"I got beaten by some guy online, so i'll claim he's a netcoder and couldn't play proper at a lan!"

"I'm a fucknut!"
by asl 1st Mate October 11, 2003
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