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(pronounce just like "dinosaur")

An almost extinct famous person i.e., "has been", who once made their living doing things of a highly sexual and/or extremely superficial nature e.g., modelling naked.

This definition is meant to be used affectionately.
by Anners August 29, 2007
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A woman with a giant dimpley head and massive underbite whose appearance resembles the mighty T-Rex. It is estmated to be capable of exerting one of the largest bite forces among all terrestrial animals but due to its almost useless, peanut sized brain and its flabby poorly maintained body the Dinoswhore population is nearing extinction. Diet consists mainly of dick and/or semen.
Steve " Hey Ben, I was at the mall the other day and i saw a Dinoswhore eating in the food court"

Ben " A Dinoswhore? What's that?"

Steve "Imagine Ray Liotta having sex with a Velociraptor. Now imagine the Velociraptor dumping out a deformed half-breed she-reptile"
by Sinderblock June 20, 2014
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