One of the rarest and most succulent delicacies of one's childhood. They are, in fact, dinosaur shaped golden soft delicious chicken nuggets. If one says theyve never had one they are probably lying. If not, promptly shove one into the hole from which they uttered those terrible words.
Eat a damned dinosaur chicken nugget. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a huge bag. Cook them around midnight, most preferably with smiley fries.
by girliescreamingtempertantrum November 26, 2016
The best fucking food ever inventing.
Kid 1: “bro my mom is making dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets again, the best fucking food ever invented.
Kid 2: “for the 7th night in a row? U must be so frikin lucky man.
by WhiskeredPP January 4, 2021
Guy 1: “my mom got me dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for Christmas”
Guy 2: “damn u have the best mom I only got $300
by WhiskeredPP January 4, 2021
When you meet a guy whose small scrawny appearance makes you think their pp is small, but in reality they possess a gargantua, thus prompting the fitting name 'dinosaur chicken nugget'.
Person 1: Yo I just saw this small scrawny looking dude at the gym locker room, and when he stripped naked I was shocked that his dick was actually a dinosaur chicken nugget!
person 2: Wtf, why would you be looking at a naked dude in the first place?
by UwUltimateDoge June 10, 2021