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DinoCoat is a feathery and fictional species of tyrannosaur which was created when a Tyrannosaurus Rex was born with a mutation which gave him six instead of four limbs, not counting the tail. DinoCoats have been known to interbreed with Tyrannosaurus, but they rather mating with their own kind. There are two species of DinoCoat, DinoCoat Rexus (more related to Tyrannosaurus) and DinoCoat Flightoravoroes.
DinoCoat Flightoravoroes developed bird like wings, but natural selection has gave Rexus usable wings, too. As of March 2017, the male DinoCoats are green with purple stripes and have large giblets. The females are light brown with black and white stripes, with smaller giblets. Both genders however developed spikes on their tails, in both species, but Flightoravoroes is slowly losing the spikes and their forelimbs but it makes up that they have two pairs of wings.
by DinoCoat March 11, 2017
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