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When a group of grown American military males sabotage a unit of Arabian currency (dinar) with a hidden poop chunk and place it on the ground in a well traveled area. An Arabian man wearing a man-dress will approach and look at the dinar he wants so badly, but is too proud to bend over and grab at first sight.

After some reconnaissance and contemplation, the guy in the man-dress will discreetly pick up the dinar as the American males giggle ferociously from the ambush vehicle. This act is similar to the emplacement of an IED, but the joke is on Hadj.

When the Arabian man discovers his dinar is a "brownback", sometimes he will get mad and throw it in animated displeasure. But, sometimes he will smile devilishly and place his new treasure in the pocket of his white man-dress to the shock and awe of the saboteurs.
"Yeah we went out to JJ's last night here in Bahrain and didn't score any ass so we hooked up some poop-dinars for hadj before fucking up some schwarmas and racing off to Jim's Castle"
by Nugget Emplacer September 03, 2009
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