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Dila is someone shy at first but then she will pull out your weave if you annoy her

Dila is also someone who is gorgeous and funny

She is very picky about a lot of stuff

She can be nice if your nice with her

But always try to help people out when they need it
"Hey dude did you see dila the other day?!"
"Ya man she is hot!!"

"Hey dude that's Dila you can't talk to her like that!"

"Oh my gosh Dila you are so nice and helpful!"
by Random140 October 22, 2013
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dila, she's a beautiful asian, she will make your mood change so fast,
you could be so bummed out, and dila will brighten up your day, she's a freak but she's classy, everyone loves her right away, she will make anybody fall in love with her girl/boy no matter the gender.
everyone respects her for being her,

she's the smartest in the class and the prettiest also.
justin: do you know dila?
antonio: who's that?
justin: that girl over there,

antonio: what about her?
justin: you've got to meet her she's so pretty & she has the most greatest personality.
antonio: i call dibs

justin: too late bro, that's all mine
by carterlovesfood May 26, 2014
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A short Turkish girl who loves to sesh. Whenever you see Dila, she will either be stoned or puffing on her penguin vape. She is broke as fuck so she will ask you for her $0.25 back that u borrowed 2 years ago. U can't ever miss her in the hallways with her huge curly hair and a coffee in her hand 24/7. Dila will do anything for some free weed, and vape juice.
Who's that girl seshing by herself over there? Oh, that's just Dila.

Who's the girl who stole my bong? Oh, that's just Dila.
Who took my vape juice? Oh, that's just Dila.

Who's that girl begging for change on the street? Oh, that's just Dila.
by 12345678910A16 January 23, 2018
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Dila is a black and asian woman girl who needs tampons so she can wear leggings.

Typically found in Oklahoma

Very pretty and cool and acts very hood.

Sometime she's mean and in a bad mood but the next day she super nice to you.

Often annoyed by loud people, ugly people, and mostly her siblings
"Yo look, it's Dila"

"Wassup Dila"
by Amaaaaaanda June 30, 2016
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