Aussie slang for a dweeb/geek that consumes himself in technology, he is usually always online on Steam and has no life, talks about code slang none understands, has a sick rig but no life
Dude get out of the house you pale beast, such a digo, sad
by methaddict98 December 08, 2017
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.7 to 1 gram of weed typically 10$
Aka dime bag
I'm low on green. Can I grab a digo?
by yipyah October 16, 2018
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An item that can be bought as an add-on for your avatar, in the game of Furcadia. Some items that can be bought are Roses, Dragons(draggie), Phoenixes, (Phoe), and Gryphons. It requires actual money to purchase, not in game currency. (As of now, anyway).
I don't understand why digos can get so expensive!
by Kite Skyeblazer July 28, 2005
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