A phrase when sexting or dirty talking online
"Do you want my digital dick, babe 😍"
by Jade Broccoli March 25, 2019
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A guy that tells a woman over an online dating site that his dick is gigantyranapocolypsianly huge. And when they meet, the woman finds out that his member is teeny weeny little bitty baby sized mini peepee is not really all that impressive. Thus making him a DIGITAL DICK.
"Whoa Bro your dick is small you DIGITAL DICK!!"
"You DIGITAL DICKED me you asshole."
by DirtyHampsterCheese November 30, 2011
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When all you do is stare at a computer screen for 16 hours a day, and then sleep for 8, rinse-repeat, and then think this justifies your human value, but in actuality, just makes you an anti-social fuck boy, who is most likely an incel and hangs out in dirty chat groups online talking about /b/ tard bull shit with your fake friends from ukraine.
Hey Chris, stop showing us your 3d rendered website that you made with just <div>'s, no one gives a fuck, go get a girlfriend you digital dick-fuck.
by DJ CHAD April 10, 2019
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