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When a guy posseses/sexually hypnotized a girl or a woman into complete submission and control through his penis / fucking techniques.

When a man traps a female through the penis fucking techniques although temporaily over course of time, unless he is in love with her.

It is a temporary possession unless you are intimate, loving and caring towards the female. Once the female realizes it is a phermones based only 'bond' and the chemical changes of great sex has no value and she recognizes nothing going on in his life other than sex, (no matter how AMAZING) he may be.
Ultimately she'll run for the hills and find a stable mature provider in a man.

The trance gets broken after the female sees the man's actions, stabilty and career choices outside of the bedroom.
''Dude, he dictomized her and his FWB girl is possesed like The Devil possessed her!''

''She pussy locked till the trance breaks! as Cindy is dictomized by her boyfriend)
by JennyknowsitAll June 28, 2013
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