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A slang term referring to the genitalia of an overweight man. It is derived from the notion that excess fat envelopes and hides the penis, and the slit through which it may or may not be seen resembles female genitalia.
Rob is so fat, you can't see his junk. He has a dickpussy...
by Richie Ballz August 15, 2007
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1. A male feline, male house cat.
2. A spineless stubborn person.
1st example:
Man says to cat "You know what you are, a Dick Pussy!'
Cat responds "Meow"

2nd example:
Asshole Supervisor "You are fired! I don't want you're retarded ass working here anymore!"
Fired employee "Fuck you! I'll beat your fucking bitch ass!"
Asshole supervisor cowards under a table "Please don't hurt me!! Someone help! Call the police"
Customer says "Gee, he is a real Dick and a Pussy! Hehe.. a Dick Pussy!"
by Anon-in-Il-Again March 03, 2008
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