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When you're banging a chick, take a shit in her mouth, then proceed to piss in it. Then, use your dick as a stirring straw and put it in her mouth to mix the shit with the piss. Then nut in her mouth. And to top it off, punch her in the face and make sure the blood drips into her mouth and mixes in with the shit, piss and cum. I give you, the Dickflurry.
This one chick here dow, I gave how a Dickflurry foww showw.
by DillingerXXX January 11, 2011
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When you take that girls tity milk and mix that with your jizz. Then, you freeze the mixture and serve it as a delicious frozen dairy treat.
"excuse me, can I take your order"-Mcdonalds worker
"yeah, hit me up with something new on the menu"-customer
"oh yeah I got something for u. It that new shit, the dickflurry"
by dirtydderaj March 30, 2015
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Upon Ejaculation, Spin your dick in a helicopter in a clockwise motion onto your partners face.
"How you like my Dickflurry bitch"
by Knoptic July 02, 2012
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