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When a female gets DUMB after getting some DICK.
He got her so dickdumb that she believes that girl is his sister.
by BoB (Bling'd Out Bitch) September 05, 2016
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The first five minutes after mind blowing sex a girl cannot answer any questions even her name.
"Oh My God! I don't know!! "
"Well you can't help it I got you dickdumb "
by wonderwoman2015 April 02, 2015
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That feeling of overwhelming elation after numerous orgasims provided by a skilled stickman.
Susan was struck dick dumb after a particularly vigorous intimate session with her partner.
by Muzigal May 09, 2018
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(of an intelligent person) unable to think with their brain more than their dick.
He may have a 4.0 average, but he is so dickdumb!
by fraggle_rawker March 27, 2015
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