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Def 1. When a guy misleads you by sensationalising the size of his penis to get more attention, later on finding out for it to be a disappointing lie.

Def 2. When captions or images of porn vids are sensationalised or exaggerated to encourage you to click them. You probably will do anyway.
Def 1- oh Becky I was totally dick-baited yesterday when I found out Kevin's "12 inch tower" was actually the size of my pinky toe

Def 2- big booty babe teen gets split in half by 1432 mile monster cockalock
by Diabetic sugar daddy May 17, 2017
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Like click bait but purely for men. Those fake accounts who follow you on insta for a day with fit as fuck profile pictures and dodgy links in the bio.
Me: Check her out, she just followed me on ig
Mate: Dude, she got some crazy phishing url.....she's pure dick bait.
by atdotslash October 12, 2015
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When the guy you've been dating for five years turns out to be gay
Another was such dickbait
by Dankpepes4life October 10, 2016
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A girl that flirts with every guy at your school and the occasional guy who falls for her just gets his dick pic all over her Snapchat.
"Don't take her seriously; she's just dickbait
by JohnnyReb22 April 23, 2018
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A special feature or character in a series for corny hornballs, that is defused for public airing but dvd/blu-ray has it released without obstructions.
Yo, did you find that beach & bath episode uncensored anywhere?
Nope, it's dickbait.
by lonarlunatic December 08, 2012
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