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A towel, which you can purchase at, that allows you to cover up, while jokingly exposing drawings of your private parts. One end of the towel has a large penis and the other end of the towel has a tiny penis, the smallest some have ever seen.

Dick Towel is proven to get you laid.
"Hey Dude, how'd you manage to bang Beth?"

"I was at the pool, and she totally wanted to bang me after I showed her the large bird on my Dick Towel."
by Chaseburgala November 17, 2009
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A dicktowel is a girl who, no matter what you do or how you treat her, will come back and have sex with you. It wouldn't matter if you killed her little dog in its Prada bag right in front of her and her baby sister she will still take the penis without question.

A girl that is a towel for your dick that you can throw away and if necessary, pick it back up anytime for a flogging.
Man he treats his girl like crap, she's such a dicktowel.
by Boston Dave September 24, 2008
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Using someone's hair on top of their head to wipe one's dick off after having sex.
He used Mary as a dick towel after finishing in the bedroom.
by MerMerSanders December 13, 2010
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