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A term used to describe a sub-category of women of maximum sexual appeal. Physical characteristics are off the charts, without any hints of vanity. Minimal use of makeup and similar girly preparation are typical. DS's are daring, funny and positive people. Can be found surfing, lobster diving, playing volleyball, or at bars in Pacific Beach, Newport Beach, etc. 100% of dickspinners have never googled "Kim Kardashian".

Use this term sparingly, and only when no other word will do the girl justice.

The term dickspinner itself describes the reaction a guy undergoes in one's presence. A violent and spontaneous erection that makes your dick overwhelmed and begin spinning out of confusion and excitement.
Marisa Miller (99.99999% of all dick spinners aren't celebrities because they don't give a fuck)
by Dom22 December 07, 2012
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The act of spinning a fidget spinner on the top of your penis and trying to masturbate with it still on top
Guy 1: hey have you seen Mia khalifa's new porno
Guy 2: nah dude i was doing a dick spinner last night
Guy 1: What?!
fidget spinner masturbate
by Mcfaginator May 08, 2017
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