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when someone gets upset at a statement or act that was done to them.
That shirt does not look right on you. Don't get all dick hurt about it! Just change it!
by A cool person :) October 21, 2011
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The state of being "dickhurt" is defined by a combination of butthurt and being a douche, or in other words full of yourself.
by italianstallion1234 February 29, 2012
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(adj.) when a person with a penis feels or shows negative emotions after a comment is made about his penis, directly or indirectly. He will usually take offense, even to general statements, and will respond with anger and/or by personally attacking the person who made the comments.
The Instagram follower got dickhurt and cussed me out when I said men over 40 can’t keep up, sexually, with women in their prime.
by Btwitsjennifer June 04, 2018
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That feeling when you cum, and attempt to cum again shortly after. Your dick starts throbbing in pain and you regret doing it.
Joe: Hey, why you screaming?

Jack: I'm so fucking dick-hurt after wanking it's unreal.
by Bob Is Epic January 23, 2018
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