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When a girl deep throats your weiner, gags, then barfs all over you, your dick, and everything else.
A week after the Dick Chuck I was still trying the get the stains out of the carpet and my weiner.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
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1)A mentally retarded dickhead.

2)A moron.

3)One with complete disregard for other people.
Chatrath12 is such a dickchuck. He went streaking through the park full of 5 year olds the other day with 5 cops chasing him.
by Bolt Lightning March 05, 2009
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A weapon of combat consisting of two very large ( in some eastern cases very small) male genetalia organs connected by a chain and used to fight off other males while seducing a person of desire. You know, nunchucks.
Justin charged the dragon errecting his dickchucks into the sky, only to be scortched.
by Greyeyes27 May 27, 2018
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