A word of complete undeniable angelic beauty and perfection.
There is only one Diamant, and she is better than anything you'll ever have.
by Yourpseudonymwillappearonl August 12, 2009
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Diamante is a smart individual quiet but don't knock that because if needed poppin off isn't a problem usually dosent start drama nor takes bullying to well strong anger problems but controllable very sweet and caring sometimes to caring makes one fall in love instantly never gives up on what they want but also never fight over it always comes to get what they want in the end devilish little minds Diamantes have but Angels at heart don't sleep on Diamantes they always come to show a difference wen they step out they show out style is incredible great taste mainly love dark skins positive people and always willing to help others with problems labeled to bee DIFFERENT
Smart different devilish angels diamante
by Loves Persuasion March 17, 2014
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An endangered species of monkey. A small and cute creature that resides in the tropical rainforests of South America. It gets its name from it's sweet dispositon, sweet like a Cherry. The Diamante Cherry serenades its fellow wildlife with its consistent but melodic chirping rather than screaming like most monkeys. They mostly eat wild berries, mangos and drops from rainbows. They are sooooo cute!!
"Hey, is that a rare Diamante Cherry I see?"
"Yes, I believe so. It's singing while eating wild berries and mangos."
by Languman December 13, 2011
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I used to have a cool car but now I am driving my mom's Mitsubishi Diamante."
by Lennonfan February 8, 2009
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Diamant is a handsome person, very smart and rich. Every one who's name is Diamant are likely good guys and have very great personality. If your name is Diamant, you can go out and just tell girls your name, they all fall in love with you, no problem. They all want your dick, but you'll have to choose between all this beautys. Choose carfully.
Me : "Hi, I'm Diamant"
Girls : *Takes pants off*

Me : "No no girls, take it easy... How you doin ?"

Girls : *River start to flow...*
by Stephani_1996 November 24, 2021
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Diamant , name of king💸
by kingii November 22, 2021
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