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Amazing and Sweet girl. Indian, so she will be smart. Calm attitude, her own sense of style. Chances are, she doesn't care about how the world views her. She may not be up to the newest of what everyone else is doing, but she doesn't care. She may only have a close circle of friends, but she is nice to everyone.
"What's her name?"
"I met her the other day. Nice girl."
by Fanchick September 05, 2013
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If you're friends with a Dhruvi, you are very lucky indeed. Dhruvi is a down-to-earth type of person. She is incredibly sweet and kind. Any Dhruvi you meet will be an amazing friend who somehow always manages to make everything look perfect. She can be trusted with anything and will never let you down. Dhruvi can sometimes be a rebel, but usually she follows the rules. She has big dreams and strives to get perfect grades. She’s extremely intelligent. Dhruvi is absolutely stunning and always catches your eye. Hot with a hint of attitude to go with it. Her hair is just gorgeous. Her smile is the best thing and just makes you smile right back. She’s fun to be around and can always cheer you up. Once you get to know her, you’ll love her!
“ I just met a Dhruvi” “She’s so fun to hangout with”
-“yea” “you better keep her”
by .$$-( May 15, 2018
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*Meaning a star, not the bollywood/hollywood kind (dumb-asses). More of the celestial kind.
*Derived from the hindi word 'Dhruva- tara'.
by ihatepseudonyms04 December 02, 2009
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dhruvi is a really nice person who gets along with almost everyone she is super pretty and has two weird friends
"is that dhruvi and her weird friends
by Waseman June 26, 2018
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