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A rapper from Warner Robins , Ga , who in fact cannot rap . His family is very much alive , but h claims they're dead . His 'brothers' & 'fans' pipe his head up for no reason at all . His views are high because everyone is laughing at him . He wants to b black . & This IS the definition of DexDaYoungan
by Saquoia Ja'nae July 07, 2019
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DexDaYoungan also known as Destin Chase Lance, is a 15 year old wanna be rapper that doesn't know anything about living in the projects. He is stupid and is not the greatest rapper in Warner Robins history. DexDaYoungan is the most hated 15 year old wanna be rapper gang member in Warner Robins. If you think his music is good you literally have no taste at all.
DexDaYoungan is gay.
DexDaYoungan is retarded.
by BigBootySlayer69 July 07, 2019
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