When two or more people are having sex and you can hear/sense it.
Jack: Do you hear that noise?
Andrew: Oh that's just Nick and Casey doing the Devil's Dance
by Lotteryinmypants April 1, 2015
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In 3 lanes of traffic, when two cars in opposite lanes (ie: slow and fast) continuously switch places at high-speeds and come within 2 inches of hitting each other. Used by douchebags (or teens) to piss off all drivers in the immediate vicinity. Pulling this off requires great timing, patience and a LOT of balls. Typically seen in D.C., Chicago, Miami, and New York.
Seth: Dammit, why today?
Ari: What?
Seth: Dave and Eric just did the devil's dance, and now there's a shitload of traffic thanks to the accident.

by Shin. June 25, 2010
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