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Deveny is a beautiful, intelligent, and overall stunning in all aspects. A Deveny is vertically challenged but can work what she's got! Deveny's are kind and lovable. Once you befriend a Deveny, you will be friend forever! Deveny's attract people with their charming smile and witty personality. A Deveny can make you smile in your roughest day and they are always your living teddy bear. They will comfort you through thick and thin and are everybody's best friend.
"Wow, look at that beautiful girl!"
"She has such a gorgeous smile!"
"She must be a Deveny."
"She's so hilarious!"
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Attempting to be funny, clever and highbrow to amuse an audience, but really just being rude, mean and snide. Usually caused by a total failure of the brain-hand filter that normally stops us from expressing our darkest innermost thoughts.
"Frank's last tweet was a bit deveny for my liking, I wish he would stop trying so hard".
by frankburns May 29, 2010
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