A blue no-nippled bitch who seems to enjoy touching soda cans on her spare time.
"Your boobs just pulled a Dev Marathor on you, Lisa!"
by Dev marathor's mother. February 8, 2004
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a magical experience a guy can have with his beloved girl. one he or she will never forget❤️❤️❤️❤️
i've been to all 4 bases with her all i want is a sweet little dev peck
by bigcocknoach July 17, 2019
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The seeming devil's advocate stance game developers take on game forums when you go through them, and see the devs disagreeing with every idea people raise, until you begin to realize that people just love to request stupid ideas.
Idiot: I think that rogues should be able to tank since they are currently only a dps class. It's not fair to limit our options.

Dev's Advocate: If you don't want to play a class with only dps options, then you should have chosen a class with more options. We currently have no intentions to putthis aspect into the game

Idiot: Man this is so unfair. See if I continue to pay for tthis game that doesn't listen to it's customers.
by Codeplayer November 22, 2011
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This is the name given to certain, special Indian men who exhibit certain qualities. These qualities include, but are not limited to: being extremely funny, extremely classified, extremely dangerous, extremely shady, extremely sketchy, extremely rude, extremely nice, extremely good looking, extremely sex, extremely unbelievable.

Most experts on this classified individual recommend not getting too close to him or even friending him.
"Dev Shah just murdered his best friend. That's so wack! I thought he was really nice!"
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When you are a game developer who needs to relieve your stress so you take a break. You then practice a higher and more elegant style of masturbation called Dev-Sturbation.
Black Ketchum: Hey Chris I'm really stressed, I can't even think!
Chris: Ok, you can do a Dev-Sturbation today XD.
by BlackKetchum February 20, 2016
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SHITE DEV - Savvyy, SS Kazza and Uncle Drew
Person 1: Hey, is that dev team leader Ste?

Person 2: Yeah, he's a shite dev.
by Garry Oniel September 30, 2021
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