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'Deuce Block' is another name for the second floor of University of Arizona's "Coronado" Dormitory, an 8-Floored Housing Unit which has drawn media attention and outcry in recent years for its apparent lawlessness, and through-the-roof decree of sexually transmitted diseases.
"- Damn, blood, I've been hearing some whispers in the air about that Deuce-Block popping off tonight, nigga.

- But Gerald! it's a Tuesday - don't you have class tomorrow morning?!

- Fuck that shit nigga i finna watch the sunrise."


"- Ohhhhh dammmmn, we hit that ganja when we was already blacked-out, fucked with some stoney ass Breakfast burritos from Betos on the slingblade tip, then busted back up to the Deuce-Block...

- Oh shitttt - crackin?

- Errytime, young Jesus. Hella hoes upon hoes and candy for that nose. Don't know how I woke up and aced my Aeronautical Exam on 15 minutes of shut-eye.

- Nommy nomm, playboy."
by Gankstawan July 09, 2009
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when you're just about to drop a deuce in a public restroom usually in the case of college dorms and someone usually a douchebag decides to occupy the stall right next to you, dashing your hopes & dreams of a peaceful poo
I found an empty bathroom and as soon as I was about to give a solid back to the community, this guy came in and deuce-blocked me.
by IllestM'FockerAlive March 04, 2013
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