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1. The word that is equivilant to the power of god. Detta orginated from eastern roots (russian, lebanese, indian) and is commonly used instead of "hey" in many rural areas of belgium.

2. Word meaning an orgasm of happiness. Should be said with a hand gesture by which you raise both of you hands to ur waist level and make a sort of cup with a closed fist.
MR. Z - "Man did u see Sanya today,,, FINE"
Kunaal - "Detta!"
by Vodka March 07, 2005
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1. used in context of a sudden moment of joy or happiness

2. used in cont4ext to greet someone in a joyous occasion or after a long disapearance, orignating from the eastern hemisphere, Beirut, Lebanon
DETTA! Wassup, how you doin'!

Detta! long time no see, where you been?
by Daymz March 07, 2005
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