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A car stripped of all parts. Usually found sitting on four cinder blocks because the wheels are gone. It can also be a car that is simply gone, nowhere to be found.
See also Detroit Bike
Example 1:

Person 1: Dude, DJ's car was found in a chop shop behind that Mexican restaurant.
Person 2: Let me guess... only the frame left, right?
Person 1: Yea, and he didn't have insurance either.
Person 2: Well, it's just a Detroit car now.

Example 2:

Person 1: Well, Jay's car was stolen again.
Person 2: He should know by now not to park it in the street over night.
Person 1: Yea, just a shame, another perfectly good car lost to Detroit.
Person 2: Were the other three ever found?
Person 1: Nope, They're all Detroit cars now.
by 100_real_nigga February 14, 2018
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