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"Despre"-Comes from the Word "Desperate"
"Prend"-Comes from the word "Pretend"

1. Desprending occurs when a couple is so desperate that they pretend to date. They do not exchange in physical displays of emotion as most dating couples, but instead make many witty remarks towards their relationship and even celebrate anniversaries.

It is one step above friends, but one step below dealing, and two steps below dating

2. A popular anime series featuring music by Heavy T
Maria and Tony aren't dating or dealing, their desprending

Person: hey, Maria, Tony, you guys dealing?
Maria + Tony: No
Person: Dating?
Maria + Tony: No
Person: Just friends?
Maria+ Tony: Nope
Person: What are you?
Maria + Tony: We're desprending!

Person 1: Hey what are you watching?
Person2: "Desprending" of course!
Person 1: that show with music by Heavy T!?!?
Person2: Yup
Person: I LOVE that show it made BILIIONS!
by Mariathegothhomelesschick October 04, 2009
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