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(v). The act of using the Google Image search function to compile images which are then used to "design" or "conceptualize" a new idea, image or product. Most often employed by Interior, Visual, Industrial and Graphic Designers with little-to-no imagination, resources or experience.

n.- desoogler- one who participates in hackneyed, cut and paste research and design using the Google Image search engine. Also applies to Bing
I just finished desoogling a logo and identity for your new product line. I used the tags; Mid-Century Danish, Urban Outfitters, bigfoot, kitten and Tosh.0. That will be 5 billable hours by the way...

He thinks he's so talented but he's just a desoogler.

It looks like they just desoogled that t shirt design to sell in Target.
by Mintybusiness January 05, 2011
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