A person who is a dumbass, schmuck etc.
That guy is such a derper, why is he listening to the backstreet boys?
by PJisJesus December 15, 2007
The language in which the ends of certain words and/or syllables are replaced with "-er" to provide an enriching and fulfilling sentence.
"Sclerper derper?"
"Actually, flerper derper skerper, indeed."
by Chrilerper July 23, 2006
A herpderper.
Derper is herpin' & derpin' all the ding dong day.
by herpderper420 August 19, 2011
A non existent word made up by the "smartest" women in the world, shortly thereafter discredited by the smartest man in the world.
a person who cums too early; or someone who fucks it up, can be used in many different scenarios. refer to example
"Man I really derped that exam"
"He's terrible in bed, such a derper"
or just plain "you fuckin derper!"
by harry couter October 22, 2008
Derper is a word the same as spastic or retard.
These derpers have not got a clue what’s going on.

Be quiet you derper.
by Viking990 June 2, 2018