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Derklunt, Derkluunt, DerklOOunt, DerkaKloon, or just Klushrio.

A Derklunt is the name for a person however in recent culture it has been extended to represent a worrying twat (-bat).

The term Derklunt itself is an acronym for four separate words:

Der = Derka (a reference to Team America - ie. a terrorist)
Kl = Klown feet (or clown with a comical spelling)
U (pronounced oooh) = Coon (a nigger / African-American)

Unt = Cunt (generic insult)

Somebody may be referred to as a Derklunt if they have the four characteristics of acting in a dangerous way, having unproportionally long '€˜klown'€™ feet, acting like an African-American (though could well be one) and being a cunt or annoyance in general.

'Twat'€™ may be added if the Derklunt under question behaves in a humorous manner, possibly singing the Grease curry song regularly.

Alternatives for the term, with the same meaning, include: Derklunt, Derkluunt, DerklOOunt, DerkaKloon, or just Klushrio, Reddy-rume-rio(-twat), Klush-bat, and simply Klush.

Proper pronunciation is as follows in English: Der-clooh-unt(-twat). Search for 'Klushrio' for further illustration.
Hey man, what's Derklunt up to?

I don't know, maybe playing football...
What a Klushrio-twat!
by The_Extender June 06, 2009
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