The goat🐏. He’s really good at sports. He will one day become a major baseball player or football. He’s really nice and can always make friends. He can be a really good partner in a relationship.
by Ethan cartel April 23, 2019
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Derell is a boss. An unruly boss who will shit down any darnce and tell a man suck your rarted. Derell is also the only true uncle of world.
Derell is the realest uncle, I mean look at the way he just blessed that mic.
by Uncle Dezza November 23, 2021
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Originated by the IRAK graff crew/clothing line from new york; Derel is short for derelict, or someone thrown away by society. To these new york graff writers everyone is derel, anyone worth knowing anyway. The word can be found on IRAK tshirts, hats and tags all over NY.
Yo, Kunle and his boys are all derels, they steal and write graffiti all day.
by YIZZOOO November 17, 2007
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Derel is a sexcc && not homeless
"Derel is a sexy man"
by Itzyagurllll November 7, 2019
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He is a tall lanky guy who dates 100 girls at a time. He loves basketball and can almost dunk the ball. He is pretty ugly and usually dates girls called who are deluded. He is lightskin that cannot shoot on nba2k20 because he fingers too many dusty girls. He likes to bum lick his older brother as he is his idol. Derelle is an annoying guy who has a long nose and has metal on his teeth
Eww he is a Derelle he is probably cheating on you with 4 other girls
by samuelisugly May 10, 2020
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A homeless person or one that looks homeless; derived from the word derelict.
I was waiting for the BART this morning on my way to work and 2 derels and a legit derel asked me for money. Hella busted, man.
by Berkeley, CA September 12, 2012
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