A roller derby soul mate, the woman who you knew from the first second that you'd been separated at birth, who will hold your hair when you throw up after drinking too much, arrange bail, ride in the ambulance with you and set your real husband straight on the Derby world.

Invented by Kacey Bomber of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, if you don't have a Derby wife you ain't a Derby person.
(a Derby Wife) may not even be your best friend in the league or the sport, but she’d be the one you know will be the first one to back you up, even if you’re dead wrong. - 2003, Kacey Bomber, Los Angeles Derby Dolls
by Willy Callit January 25, 2010
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Roller derby term. The team-mate who will ride in the ambulance with you when you break yourself.
"Tina's my derby wife, she came to hospital with me when I broke my ankle."
by DerbyDoll May 6, 2018
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The girl or guy on the team that is your best-friend. The person to hug you when your mad about a call and hit you when you aren't paying attention. There in the hospital when you break a leg and there to bail you out when you get drunk and hit a girl in the after party. In the end the person you are made for in the derby universe.
Mickey Mouse is Darth Vader Derby Wife. You can tell by how they argue lol.
by CookieHit October 22, 2012
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