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Denville is a town in northern New Jersey noted for its many lakes. People who live in the lake communities of denville are members of their own cult, and often inbreed. People who live in other parts of Denville are generally rich, stuck-up pieces of hell. Denville is located in "The Hub of Morris County", which happens to be the 3rd wealthiest county in the nation. The cops in Denville are convinced that they serve a purpose, but all they really do is write speeding tickets for motorists on franklin road, which desperately needs to be a 35 mph zone, and not 25. Who cares if the people on franklin get run over, i mean, it goes through Indian Lake; if a few cult members get taken out, it will be for the greater good.

Denville has a very quaint center of town, which is definitely one if its redeeming qualities. Don't get me wrong there are many worse places in morris county (i.e. mountian lakes).
Denville Resident #1: Thank god the demographics of denville are as follows: 98.3% caucasian, 1.7% asian, 0% black, 0% hispanic.

Denville Resident #2: Amen to that, brother. Those are good numbers indeed.
by g-man12345 November 10, 2007
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