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Denver City is a small town in the state of Texas taken up widely by a population of Whores and wanna-be Christians. They used to have a theatre, but the Christians thought it was possessed or some shit, and made way for some shitty plot of ground that is now ran down. This is the extent of how shitty this shit hole has become. Now, since there is nothing to do, all the children just have sex for fun, which is why HPV is so common place.
Jim: Hey Bob, you want to drive over to that shit hole Denver City?

Jim: Fuck no Bob, I went to that shit hole yesterday, and now I have the clap.
by The Name Nick is Taken August 31, 2008
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Denver City

a town in bumfuck nowhere, everyone who lives there wants to leave, die, or both. all the kids do drugs and most of them are pricks. you've either lived there your whole life or your dumbass parents decided to move.
"hey you know that town in texas? it's called denver city or some shit."
"yeah i've heard of it, everyone there has AIDS i think."
by guacamoleniggasandwhich February 14, 2019
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Denver city is a small ass town where u prolly won’t ever visit cuz u have a life buh it’s where hoes sluts thots and whores cover half the population and the other half is beaners that came straight from over the wall. There’s Whites, gays, blacks and like three Asians buh mostly just beaners. There’s also a new school buh the friends of the kid that got thrown in jail will prolly just vandalize it like the fucktards they r cuz they think there so cool. The other “cool kids”-or coaches pets hit on the teachers and there cousins I think there minds all fogged up from all the vaping they do so the must retarded. The only things u can do there is go cruise or hangout with ur fake ass friends. I recommend not going if u give two ducks.
“Dan do u like Seminole girls?”
No I like Denver city hoes!”
by ¡DOUG UR DADDY! March 22, 2019
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