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Wild, crazy, carefree and fun on the outside but caring, sensitive and cautious on the inside. Loves animals almost more than she loves people. The wild side will find her tattooed and on a motorcycle with her face in the breeze. The animal lover will find her weeping over a hurt animal.
Denita is on her way to do an animal rescue.
by GinniC February 03, 2010
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A Denita is a very beautiful girl, with a very well rounded personality. She can be athletic at times and can dress up at times, but no matter what she's doing she always manages to look like a goddess. Denita's are very fun people to be with, and can instantly make any situation better. Usually associated with some type of Marquis, she can be often seen with him sharpening her basketball skills. And maybe more. Denitas aren't mean but will not take any bullshit, and will not fight unless provoked. She can make any dude fall in love with her because of her personality mixed with her beautiful looks. Having sex with A Denita one time will get you addicted, due to it being the best you've ever had and will have. Likes to be called Princess.
De'Cantrell: Yo that Denita girl fine as hell!
Ka'Timothy: Osrs I wish that was all mine!
Marquis: Shut the fuck up before both of y'all catch these bitches y'all know that's all me.
by Don'tKillMyVibe July 01, 2017
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