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Denisse is very confident she tends to have the balls to do anything! She will stand up for anyone, especially her close friends! She can be very rude when she has her moments but an amazing friend. She tends to be very creative and a good artist! She has a lot of guy friends and always thinks ahead! She’s good at math and has a lot of self love. She has a good sense of clothing taste. She is a great girlfriend she’s nervous at first but soon you’ll see the real her, you need time to talk her she always expect you to text first and to be loved. She always wants to text you but it’s to nervous. She thinks of you 24/7 and gets taken advantage of, don’t take things too fast though. She has brown hair and the most gorgeous beautiful girl you’ve EVER seen!!!
by Tu mama :)))))) May 09, 2019
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A denisse is with out a doubt the most gorgeous girl in the universe. She will do anything for her friends. If you have a denisse as a friend, keep her, becuase losing her would be the worst possible thing that could ever happen. Denisse's are the most amazing, fantastic, funny, and passionate girls ever. They are the best possible friend that you could ever ask for. Always willing to help you no matter what. If you are in need of anything, denisse is the one to call. No matter what. They tend to be very shy, just take time to talk to her and get to know her you are guaranteed to love this rare beauty. Her personality is like a diamond amongst rocks. Not only is she beautiful on the inside but also on the outside. She has stunning curves, beautiful big eyes, and shiny brown hair. She is the best girlfriend a guy could ever want. To date her is comparable to heaven on earth. She is always give, never take. She is not one to take advantage of you, although she is often taken for advantage. She is not the most outgoing person and guys tend to get bored of her after just a little while. They dont give her a chance. Worst mistake ever. She is a Goddess in human form. Absolutely perfect in every way. If you find a denisse, latch on for dear life. She is a life-long friend. Never let her go. Love her till the end. She is guaranteed to always be full of surprises. Usually they are very passionate about animals and nature as well.
I can't live without my denisse.

To have a denisse is to live happy.
by goddesses1 May 11, 2011
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The absolute best older sister anyone could ever ask for <3
She's also absolutely freaking beautiful and just overall fantastic
Person 1: Who's that????
Person 2 Only Denisse the best sister anyone could ask for
by person_.121._ October 17, 2019
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She's a very amazing friend you'll ever meet. she's very funny and sweet. everybody would love to be friends with her. She's a short Mexican lol. and who would always wear pink
by your study hall friend August 15, 2017
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Amazing, kind, beautiful, girl, adorable, short but almost there, helpful, encouraging,
by JdosFFShx December 01, 2018
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The most gorgeous person in the entire world. No man is good enough to have her. and eternally lucky is the one who obtains her. She was put on this earth to be worshiped, loved and adored, and nobody could ever adore her more then santos. She is a goddess on earth, the next world wonder. Denisse can never be matched, nor replaced, for she is just so perfect, that no other girl could possibly surpass her. she is everything a guy could ever ask for, and so much more. <3
Santos and denisse shall be together forever and ever until forever ends and 69 days afterwards <3
by Santos110307 April 16, 2008
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