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Denim Loaf is experienced when a male, with small, medium or large endowment, wears jeans that are extremely tight. The penis is engulfed by tight denim and projects a round, loaf like, appearance of the member. The Denim Loaf may extend directly to the left or right of the fly of the jeans or, depending upon penis positioning, to the upper or lower left or upper or lower right area of the fly.

It can be readily noted if the individual enjoys displaying their Denim Loaf as the denim around the penis is worn and faded from frequent display like that of a tobacco can outline in the back pocket of someone's jeans who chews frequently.

It is thought by those that enjoy displaying their Denim Loaf that members of the same or opposite sex seek out the ability to spot a Denim Loaf to facilitate a conversation that hopefully leads to a sexual encounter.
It was Friday evening and Steven was going out for a night on the town. Hoping for the chance to hook up, he put on his trusty, worn, faded and too tight jeans and positioned his Denim Loaf in the upper right quadrant of his fly area. He was ready to hit the town.
by Tugg N. Harder March 03, 2014
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