a mosquito infection, often causing diarrea and fever.
When Jimmey was asked about his dengue, he said 'It was like a race out of my tooshie and everybody won.
by Dr.Octillary March 6, 2011
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Used to describe something that is disgusting, ghetto, nasty, or sketchy.
I never go to high street cause that whole neighborhood is dengue.
by JaoW April 13, 2009
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a general insult, a good replacement for overused insults like douchebag
nice hat you dengus
by Tesla Death Ray September 20, 2010
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an extremely high fever contrived from mosquitos that lasts for over a week. the person's white blood cell count is severely reduced, making the person very weak and requiring them to be hospitalized.
other effects can include internal bleeding and swelling of internal organs. the virus can be fatal.
When Matt was in Costa Rica he got dengue fever.
by Matthew T. January 5, 2008
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dengu ninnu denguthanu.I shall fuck you fuck

intercourse nee puku denguthanu. I shall fuck your cunt
vadu ninnemi denguthadu,is a telugu word.
related to fuck,coit,copulate,sexual intercourse.in telugu so many meanings are there.
Nenu Ninnu Denguthanu . It is a telugu word
gattiga dengu, fuck hardly, nee puku denga, nee gudda denga,
by surya1 July 19, 2010
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(N.) A code name for weed when your in public.
In a crowded area: Hey Jim, hit that dengus already you ganther!
by JIM BOWER December 12, 2011
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an insult, a great replacement to mix it up for overused insults like douche (douchbag).
Bill Amis and Bo Barnes are such a denguse's.
by nezinitis November 4, 2010
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