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Demon Souls is the only video game with the ability to hate you like an angry drunk irish in a countryside wooden bar, a game that its based on you dying and gettin raped thousands of times by all kind of small sized monster, middle sized monster, tall, giant, fat, ugly, flying, flaming, or royal.

A game with minimalistic storyline that begins with a giant monster who rapes and kill u with a single blow, and you being resurrected by a blind bitch who traps your soul into a sanctuary called the Nexus, from where you can warp to 6 different levels divided into 3 different sections (some levels have 4) with one fucked up boss waiting for you at the end of each, and no savepoints between them, if you die you head back to the beginning of the respective section, or you can go back to the Nexus.

DS it's the hardcore shit in it's pure state, it's so hardcore it doesn't have difficulty settings, the default difficulty it's FUCK YOU! (Hard) and if you keep on getting killed by an enemie whos only purpose in the fucking game is to kill you as quick and tricky as he can, the game really gets super saiyan on you.

The oucome result it's you becoming tougher and even more hardcore than you already where before making u kill like a black hungry cannibal to the point in your life where end up trying to define with words, with a shitty effort and into a lame dictionary an indescribable punishing experience, while waiting 2 days for my copy of it's spiritual sequel Dark Souls.
Demon Souls is to video games what Chuck Norris is to martial arts
DS is the ultimate martial art
by rainydaywolf12_35 October 09, 2011
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