Me and my girlfriend performed CBT last night, It went on for so long that I got demes from it.
by scronglus August 3, 2019
A shorter way of saying the phrase "dead game" using the first two letters of "dead" and last two letters of "game." Usually used to make fun of a dead game (like brawl stars).
Bist: Hey bruh wanna play brawl stars?
Fruad: Nah breh it's deme.

Bist: deme
Fruad: deme
Bist: deme
Fruad: deme
by Autocorrected to Fraud March 27, 2022
small "town" that is really just a high school, a casino, a library and a liquor store. about 20 minutes east of bellingham, and on the way to Mt Baker Ski Area.
I live about 10 minutes west of Deming.
by highway542 March 20, 2007
Deming is the most amazingly, perfect person in the world. She's sweet and caring and beautiful! She deserves so much but doesn't always get it. Does she complain? No.
She is always there for her friends and family.
She's destined to be famous when she gets older.
Boys are falling over her yet she doesn't even notice it.
She always puts other people before herself.
She's perfect!
I want to be friends with her forever.
Person 1: Do you know the definition for Perfect?

Person 2: Look up 'Deming'.
by Fr!3nd November 16, 2010
A Deme is a term used to describe a man who can HIT THAT SHIT without busting a nut untill the exact moment ya shorty does.
to Deme means to- "My Boyee Double D just made his shorty cum with a nut still in place"
by Fratty Fratatat July 11, 2008
Often missed spelled as Demi. A friendly and fabulous girl. Always fun to be around and is extremely loyal. Keep you hands on this girl!!!
Demee' is the sweetest girl you'll ever know
by cceb February 4, 2010
The act of being completely stupid.
They had a bit of a deme moment.
by DementedRock December 16, 2019