The most attractive man to grace the planet Earth. He’s a professional raw doger that pulls Sommer Rays and Lizzos left and right. He is the perfect baby daddy and sneaky link for Lizzo. His enemy is Tyrone, so fuck Tyrone. He’s also a goated YouTuber that doesn’t Faze Rug it or pull any of SavageShawn’s bs.
Demarcus Cousins III is hot as hell no homo.
by Chad Chett January 14, 2022
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The almighty "Professional Rawdogger" and the ultimate homie. Also known as JiDion, DeMarcus Cousins III does a little bit of trolling out in public and has been recognized by names such as Lizzo and even Granddad DeMarcus Cousins the First. DeMarcus Cousins III is the ultimate man and will not fail you when he is needed. ITS BIGGER THAN BLACK AND WHITE.
DeMarcus Cousins III: Fuck Tyrone!

Literally the entire world: Fuck Tyrone!
by TheHolySampleText January 4, 2022
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