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(Noun) A person who is so delusional that they are blind to everything around, especially pertaining to their relationships and/or own self. Actions include constantly wining, nagging, and crying, actions inappropriate for a persons age. Delusional Clingy Fools are so clingy that when confronted with their actions that are suffocating their relationships they cling on to whats left and start to beg for forgiveness. Beware of confronting Delusional clingy fools because when the evidence is clearly in front of them they will deny it all, like OJ did in his infamous trial.
Charles: Hey how are things with Mr. Chubon.
Alyse: Horrible I tried to break up with him and he begged me not to go!
Charles: Wow, what a Delusional Clingy Fool.
by Charles Aylse Macadangdang April 23, 2011
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