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A kind person who will always be there for you.She loves music and partying. shes a bad ass and any man would be lucky to have her. She is beautiful and cares about others if they care for her to.Her man has to be a funny,careing,smart guy and she also would not pick a man for his looks.She doesn't love that easy, she is hard to get. She is sexy and guys now it. When she likes someone she doesn't really show it. Shes flirty and a great person to talk to.People think shes weak but she can surprise most. She is very shy so don't expect her to say "Hey" first.she is a good kisser and she good in bed.she gives people a second chance. She looks good in everything. Boys are scared of getting rejected by her but she will simply say"let's get to know each other". She is loyal,and will tell the truth.when your sad she will make you smile.She never gives up. She can be crazy but it's funny af. She loves all types of people no matter how u look as long as they have a heart.Nice body and ass.So she can shake that behind but only for her man.She can also dance. Needs someone loyal that will care for her.So be one hunit with her or you will lose the best person in the world.
"Who the bad ass girl over there she fine"
"That's Delmaris"
by Sulma July 09, 2018
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